Our Family History
Our Family History
By Peder Kristensen
Welcome to our family history website!

On the site there are many families that are related in oneway or other. Our forebears includes the names of: Andersdotter, Burke, Cameron, Gustafsson, Janzon, Janzon-Fries, King, Kristensen, Larsson, McPhee, Norbäck, Nilsson, Persdotter, Solbu and Öller.

The Index and the Surname links lists all the family names on the website.

The site has a Family Sheet a Person Sheet and a Tree pages. Clicking the “tree icon” in a person sheet or family card displays a 5-generation pedigree chart. People in the first three generations have a drop-down menu appearing beneath their boxes.

Pictures and notes on living persons are omitted to protect privacy.

This site is a work-in-progress after many years of research and lots of input and support by my cousin Ann-Che Minnesköld, family members and other non-related people, too many to mention here, and countless sources.

If you find yourself, or any of your family members, on any of these pages, please send me a brief note or edits/corrections.

If you would like any further information, please contact me.