Our Family History - Person Sheet
Our Family History - Person Sheet
NameDaniel Hansen 700,839
Birthca 1770, Norway, Nordland, Steigen, Leiranger, Brennvik838
Baptism20 Jan 1771, Norway, Nordland, Steigen
Death1851, Norway, Nordland, Steigen, Leiranger, Brennvik
FatherHans Larsen (1739-1777)
MotherPernille Joensdatter (ca1744->1801)
Birth? , Norway, Nordland
Death? , Norway, Nordland
ChildrenHans (1790-?)
Birth1770, Norway, Nordland, Steigen, Stegen, Sørskot
Baptism22 Apr 1770, Norway, Nordland, Steigen
Death1803, Norway, Nordland, Steigen, Leiranger, Brennvik
Marriage17 Aug 1794, Norway, Nordland, Steigen
ChildrenHans (1796-1863)
 Maren Margrethe (1797-1852)
 Pernille (1799-?)
 Petter Johan (1801-1855)
Birthabt 1755, Norway, Nordland
Deathca 1812, Norway, Nordland, Steigen
Marriage4 Nov 1804, Norway, Nordland, Steigen
Notes for Berithe (Spouse 2)
Berithe’s parents are Hartvig Jonsen and Marithe Larsdatter.
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